Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Aluminum, 19"

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The Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is a lightweight yet durable wheelchair perfect for medical emergencies. This lightweight transport wheelchair weighs only about 19 pounds m...

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The Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is a lightweight yet durable wheelchair perfect for medical emergencies. This lightweight transport wheelchair weighs only about 19 pounds making it easy to transport. It has an aluminum frame, which makes it durable. This Drive wheelchair comes with swing away footrests and has padded armrest to provide additional support and comfort. It has an easy to clean nylon upholstery which makes it comfortable as well. The Detachable Wheelchair has a seat belt, which makes it safer. The back release hinge allows this Drive wheelchair to fold down easily for storage and transport. It features standard rear wheel lock that provides additional safety.

Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Transport Wheelchair:
  • Aluminum Transport Chair Weighs only 19 lbs.
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong.
  • Composite 8" wheels are lightweight and maintenance free.
  • Comes with swing-away footrests.
  • Padded armrests provide additional comfort.
  • Nylon upholstery is comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Comes with seat belt for added safety.
  • Back folds down for storage and transport.
  • Standard rear wheel locks.

From the Manufacturer


The Drive Transport Chair makes it easier than ever for you to help your loved ones get around in comfort. It is much lighter than standard transport chairs, ultra-compact when folded, easier to lift into a car or carry up the stairs, and angled handlebars increase comfort offering exceptional shoulder room and making it easier to push.
All this enables you and your loved ones to go anywhere you want to go comfortably while enjoying your time together. 
Features and Benefits
  • Weighs only 19 lbs. Much lighter than a conventional wheelchair and easy to lift and store.
  • Padded armrests provide comfort and support for the client.
  • Lightweight, durable upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The back can easily be folded down for easy storage and transportation.
  • The Transport Chair comes with rear wheel locks so an individual can safely be left unattended. 
Operating Instructions
It is important for the attendant to be familiar with proper assisting procedures in any situation that requires the use of the Transport Chair. Safety is the Key consideration. Consult your physician, nurse or physical therapist to determine methods most suitable for your individual needs and abilities.
Note: The transport chair does not conform to Federal Standards for automobile seating and should not be used as a seat in a motor vehicle.
  • To open the chair, tilt to one side and push down on seat rails.
  • Lift back support to upright position. The lock to secure the back will engage automatically. To fold down and store, pull up on locks simultaneously, and carefully fold down the back support.
  • To attach footrests, align the holes on the footrest arm with the pegs on the frame of the Transport chair.
  • To adjust the length of the footrests, loosen the bolt (or knob) on the telescoping tube shaft. Tighten securely after adjustment. The lowest part of the footrest should not be less than 2 1/2 inches from the ground to permit proper clearance.
  • To move the swing-away footrest, release the lock. Swing outward and rearward. Simply lift up and off to remove the footrest. 
Safety Instructions
  • Before entering or leaving the chair, engage the dual wheel locks against the tires on both rear wheels. Make sure the front casters are in the forward position before transferring into or out of the chair.
  • Do not move forward on the seat while leaning forward out of the chair. If it is absolutely necessary to do so, make sure the front casters are in the forward position. If you are picking an object up from the floor, go past the object, and then go backwards. The casters will then swing to the forward position.
  • Leaning out of the transport chair without proper assistance could cause tipping.
  • Do not step on the foot plates when transferring, as this could cause tipping.
Note: You and your attendant should consult a qualified professional for correct techniques on ramp negotiations. 
Note: The Transport Chair should not be operated without the assistance of an attendant


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